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  • October 24, 2017

Ontario Supporting Parent Engagement at 25 Schools in Northumberland-Quinte West

Province Offering Parents More Opportunities to Get Involved in Their Children’s Learning

Ontario is offering parents more possibilities to get involved in their children’s education, with support for 25 projects in Northumberland-Quinte West that will help boost the achievement of students.

This year, the province is making an unprecedented investment in 2,670 schools and supporting 119 regional and province-wide projects through the Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grants program. These grants support local school councils, Parent Involvement Committees and not-for-profit organizations working with parents in creating local solutions that help parents overcome barriers to getting more involved in their children’s learning. 

This year 25 local projects were funded in Northumberland-Quinte West, see attached chart.

Studies show that when parents are more engaged in their children’s education, students are more likely to earn higher grades, have better behaviour and social skills, and continue their education at a higher level. These grants are part of the province’s commitment to supporting achievement, well-being, and equity, which are key priorities of Ontario’s renewed vision for education.

Supporting parent involvement in their children’s education is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.


“Parents Reaching Out Grants make it easier for parents in Northumberland-Quinte West to be connected  and engaged in their children’s education.  Parent involvement strengthens our community, and I’m pleased to see that these grants are helping so many of our families.”

—      Lou Rinaldi, M.P.P., Northumberland-Quinte West

“Ontario is supporting greater parent engagement with this year’s Parent Reaching Out Grants, providing even more parents with the opportunity to get involved in their children’s education and reducing systemic barriers to participation.”    

— Granville Anderson, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Education

“The recipients of this year’s Parents Reaching Out Grants have found innovative ways to address barriers to parent engagement. Overcoming these barriers is key to improving outcomes for all students, regardless of their background. These grants are an important part of our vision to enhance engagement among schools, students, families, and communities.”

— Mitzie Hunter, Minister of Education

“Through PRO Grants, our Parent Involvement Committee brought together parents, teachers, and school councils from across our region to support student achievement and well-being. The PRO Grant made our parent symposium a reality, provided resources and expertise to parents and students, and fostered a collaborative environment between families and schools.”

— Chris Spere, Chair, Parent Involvement Committee, Waterloo Catholic District School Board


  • With a record-breaking year for applications, 2,670 schools and 119 regional and provincewide projects will receive a PRO Grant in 2017-18, the highest number since 2007-08.
  • All 72 school boards are receiving 2017-18 PRO Grant funding through school council and/or regional/provincial applications.
  • Since 2006, the government has awarded more than 22,000 PRO grants to school councils and over 900 regional/provincial grants for a total investment of more than $34.7 million.
  • This year, special consideration was also given to projects that support the engagement of parents from Indigenous or racialized communities to align with the ministry’s commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the goals of the Anti-Racism Directorate.


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For further information:

Lou Rinaldi, MPP

Northumberland-Quinte West



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